Sunday, 22 February 2015

Spend Your Day With Me

Spend your day with me
I love your company
Let me take you, on a voyage
Hidden treasure, waiting for us
Please, spend your day with me

Verse 1
Moments to seize, memories to weave
Ask, I'll be your guide
Roll of the ocean, capture the motion
Salt air, grey sky


Verse 2
Charms in your eyes, hypnotize, mezmerize
Strange views in your mind
Passions adventure, my lustful capture
Devotion grows inside


Tides rise, gulls fly
The shoreline is yours tonight
At daylight, look in your sites
I will be here

Verse 3 
Your love of the sea, brings you to me
Desire fortifies
Your pleasure, the hidden treasure
Of me nearby 

Chorus (repeat and fade)

(c) Kathryn Jean Alexander  February 22, 2015

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